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Together we’ll create an IoT Living Lab for your city

IoT & Smart City Events

2018 Smart City Summit & Expo Taipei Taiwan March 27-30

2018 Smart City Summit & Expo Taipei Taiwan

An international three-day conference with a major exhibition showing new technological solutions that will make cities and communities smarter and greener.

8 – 10 May in New York City

Smart Cities NY 

North America’s leading global conference exploring the emerging influence of cities in shaping the future.  The AMSiXL will be there with the Dutch delegation and, with Brainport Eindhoven, hosting the Future Mobility Workshop May 8 10:30 AM

23 May in Vienna, Austria

GovTech Pioneers

Europe’s very first GovTech event for leading politicians public CIO’s, startups, corporations and VC’s.  The AMSiXL will be there to speak about Digital Government and host a workshop to help municipalities, startups and corporations apply rapid prototyping practices in their cities.

20 – 24 June 2018 in Amsterdam

We Make the City

The festival that makes cities better.  For five days in a row we will tackle urgent everyday challenges in the urban environment, together with audience and experts, spread across different locations in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.



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Amsterdam – Winner, European Capital of Innovation 2016

Fast Moving Targets interview with Paul Manwaring
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Internet of Things interview with Jonathan Carter (Sensemakers)

Our Partner Network

The City as Living Lab 

The IoT Living Lab and the Amsterdam Innovation Exchange Lab (AMSiXL) are active participatory partnerships among various individuals and organisations which began in Amsterdam in March 2015 and is now growing beyond The Netherlands and Europe.  The goal of IoT Living Lab is to leverage IoT infrastructure through citizen engagement to test, validate, distribute and scale emerging IoT innovations which creates rapid impact on the urban environment, peoples lives and the economy.  The AMSiXL is a partnership lead by the IoT Living Lab, Tapp and the CTO office of the City of Amsterdam to work together with other municipalities around the world to THINK, CREATE, SHARE and NURTURE innovations that create social impact in a fast and effective Living Lab way of working.