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IoT & Smart City Events


26-29 March, 2019 in Taipei, Taiwan 

Taipei Smart City Summit Expo 

At the Social Innovations and Civic Engagement: City as a Living Lab Session Paul Manwaring will speak on Smart City Methodology: User Driven Living Labs and panel with other experts on Next Generation Smart Cities.  The Taipei Smart City “Go Smart” initiative will launch as well and Paul will be on hand to share the CITIXL multi-city collaboration experiments.


9-10 May, 2019 in Amsterdam 

The Next Web Conference 

Eva Gladek, co-founder of Metabolic, will speak about technologies emerging to meet the challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss, rapid urbanisation, and more.  She will also mediate a panel discussion on Closing the Food Loop with fellow experts and ask the question “How can we use technology such as AI and blockchain to revolutionise these systems to sustain future generations?”



10 May, 2019 in Bern, Switzerland 

eGov Fokus 2019 

Tom van Arman, founder of Tapp and co-founder of The City Innovation Exchange Lab (CITIXL), is the keynote speaker for the eGov Fokus 2019 conference at the Bern University of Applied Scienc on Open Digital Urban Culture – Data, Creativity and Collaboration.  He will discuss Amsterdam as a Living Laboratory in the context of generating value in a digital city.


17-23 June, 2019 in Amsterdam 

We Make the City Festival 2019 

CITIXL will conduct inclusive Camera Vision experiments in the Marineterrein to explore how we can use Smart Cameras to inform better Urban Design in the City.  On June 21, Paul Manwaring will speak at the Living Lab Summit hosted by the Amsterdam Metropolitan Solutions Institute (AMS) about experiments and collaborations with Taipei, Daegu and Boston.

IoT Living Lab News

The Future of Microgrids – SIDE Systems 

Metabolic publishes an important report on SIDE – Smart Integrated Decentralised Energy Systems

Igloo Architecture Magazine 

In depth interview with Tom van Arman about Amsterdam as a Smart City.

Digital Playground 

The IoT Living Lab featured in Amsterdam Smart City’s Smart Stories


I-Cities 4 Green Growth 

Amsterdam Smart Cities and the IoT Living Lab listed for Citizen Engagement use case for World Bank project

Unlock the Power of your People

Formerly the AMSiXL – CITIXL has a new website

Report on MUF 2018 

Read Paul Manwaring’s report on LinkedIn

Article on AMSiXL

IoT Living Lab, Tapp and The City of Amsterdam join forces

Playful data-driven Active Urban Living

Testing IoT interactivity in public parks.

SPARKS Smart Parking Systems project

Using limited city parking spaces efficiently






Moscow Urban Forum: Brainstorm about Technology for the City of the Future


Smart Cites New York:  CITIXL Future Mobility Workshop

Our Partner Network

The City as Living Lab 

The IoT Living Lab and the City Innovation Exchange Lab (CITIXL) are active participatory partnerships among various individuals and organisations which began in Amsterdam in March 2015 and is now growing beyond The Netherlands and Europe.  The goal of IoT Living Lab is to leverage IoT infrastructure through citizen engagement to test, validate, distribute and scale emerging IoT innovations which creates rapid impact on the urban environment, peoples lives and the economy.  The CITIXL is a partnership lead by the IoT Living Lab, Tapp and the CTO office of the City of Amsterdam to work together with other municipalities around the world to THINK, CREATE, SHARE and NURTURE innovations that create social impact in a fast and effective Living Lab way of working.