Our journey

Phase 1 started

IoT Living Lab Inspiration Afternoon

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5 March 2015
Website launched


21 March 2015
Follow Up IoT Inspiration Day

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23 April 2015
Amsterdam Smart City Hackathon

Hack the City & Amsterdam ArenA


Glimworm and KPN partner to provide new LoRaWAN enabled beacon network to test at the Amsterdam Smart City Hackathon

2 - 4 June 2015
Phase 1 completed
Phase 1 completed

The Amsterdam Beacon Mile


23 July 2015
Phase 2 started
Phase 2 started

Extending the mile and distributing beacons and sensors throughout the Amsterdam city center

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24 July 2015
First open LoRa Network in the world installed


6 August
Beacon Mile being used during SAIL 2015

See the results (pdf) Source: inbeacon.nl

19 August 2015
Launching of the Things Network

Sparked by the IoT Living Lab's pioneering work with KPN and LoRaWAN


21 August 2015
Accepted into the ODInE program


30 September 2015
Phase 2 completed
Phase 2 completed

The Museumnacht Hackathon

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7 November 2015
First Street cam pilot begins


15 December 2015
Phase 3 started

Amsterdam begins hosting the European Presidency


1 January 2016
Presenting the IoT Living Lab to the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs


5 January 2016
Let the IoT Olympics begin!

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17 February 2016
Marineterrein Living Lab

marine-etablissement The Marineterrein Living Lab joins the forces of:

Glimworm - IoT Living Lab
Trakkies - Adept
Ijsfontein - VR Lab
Marineterrein and Linkeroever

To create a world class IoT rapid prototyping and test environment

February 2016
IoT Olympics day @ Oosterpark


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23 February 2016
Amsterdam winner European Capital of Innovation 2016


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8 April 2016
IoT Olympics Games II @ Marineterrein


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23 - 24 April 2016
IoT GO launched

Explore the Cites open network of Beacons, Sensors and LoRa Gateways and nodes. IoT GO is a new gamification to engage citizens with IoT infrastructure in the city in real time. iot-go-splash

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6 September 2016

More to come soon!